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Interior Car Detailing

Looking for interior car cleaning services near downtown Milwaukee? 
Whether you like to believe it or not, the way the interior of your vehicle is kept says a lot about your character as a person. Ever find yourself in a situation where you’re driving some friends around, only to end up feeling embarrassed about the cleanliness of your car? We’ve all been there. Not to mention, a dirty car isn’t helping you from a health standpoint, either. Dirt, dust, germs… It’s all being circulated through your vehicle, each and every day. Use the AC alot? That same air is being sucked through the vents and blown back directly into your face… on a repeated cycle. Same thing applies in winter with the heat as well. It’s important from a health stand point to have the interior of your vehicle flushed out on a regular basis in order to get rid of this dust and other harmful contaminants. Consider a full interior car wash from Milwaukee Auto Detail!
In addition to keeping your car clean to help you from a health standpoint, a car interior detail service will also benefit the condition of the vehicle. Vehicles with plastic, leather, chrome, or cloth finishings need to have these areas prepped and conditioned regularly to protect the overall appearance. The sun doesn’t help much, either. If your car sits and bakes in the sun all day, that UV is damaging the interior of your vehicle as well. Keeping it conditioned with proper products and techniques will protect the condition over long periods of time. 

Interior Car Detailing Near Me

Milwaukee Auto Detail offers a variety of interior auto detailing services, as shown below. Looking to get your car interior detailed for protection? Or just have a dirty vehicle that’s in desperate need of a car interior deep clean? We’ve got you covered. 

Our Professional Interior Auto Detailing Process: 

  1. Remove Mats, Power Wash, Shampoo w/ Drill Brush, then Wipe Dry
  2. Shampoo All Carpeted Areas and Rinse with Bissell Carpet Cleaner
  3. Leather Seats – Clean & Condition
  4. Cloth Seats – Shampoo & Extract with Bissell
  5. All Interior Plastic/Vinyl/Leather Cleaned & Conditioned
  6. Dashboard Detailed & Conditioned
  7. Ozone Machine Blast To Purify Air & Remove Dust
  8. Streak-Free Windows
  9. All Personal Belongings Bagged & Stored Safely

Timescale: 2 hours


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