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Hand Car Wash

Hand Car Wash Milwaukee

Have you ever paid to have your car washed through a regular drive thru car wash place only to leave with damage to your vehicles paint? It actually happens more than you may think.
Automatic car washes are definitely great when speaking from a convenience factor, but as far as how well of a job they do is a different story. Here at Milwaukee Auto Detail, we are car freaks. With that being said, we can wholeheartedly tell you we would never take our vehicles through an automatic car wash. 
Why? You may be thinking. First of all, they use cheap products. Secondly, they use heavy equipment that can cause swirls, scratches, or even dents. Lastly, their equipment is used to clean dirty cars all day! Have you ever thought about the cleaning process for a Milwaukee automatic car wash place? Most likely, it doesn’t happen very often. Which means the same wipers that have been glazing through hundreds of cars per day are the exact one’s brushing upon your car. Not to mention, the drying process is a nightmare and leaves your car looking streaky and with water spots.
The solution? A hand car-wash from Milwaukee Auto Detail – Your Milwaukee car detailing experts! If you love your car like we do, or just have one that’s filthy, you need to experience a car wash like this. (Read more below)
Timescale: 2 Hours

Hand Car Wash Near Me

Our hand car wash will have your vehicle looking brand new again. Our 10 point checklist and attention to ‘detail’ is what sets us apart as the best car detailing service in the Greater Milwaukee Area. Plus, we’re so confident you’ll be blown away by our wash that if you aren’t satisfied for any reason whatsoever, we will stand by our work with a 100% money-back guarantee. 

Our Milwaukee Hand Car Wash Process:

  1. Full-Service Hand Car Wash Using Two-Bucket Method
  2. Initial Power Wash Rince Off
  3. Wheels, Wheel Wells, Tires – All Deep Cleaned
  4. Door Jambs, Truck, & Hood
  5. Foam Lather For Grime/Bug Removal
  6. Under Body Power Wash Blast
  7. Chrome/Trim Cleaned & Polished
  8. Streak-Free Windows
  9. Tires/Wheels Dressed
  10. Interior Odor Removal & Fresh Scent Blast

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