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Car Wash & Wax in Milwaukee, WI

Car Wash And Wax Milwaukee

Is your vehicle in need of a hand car wash and wax?

Most people believe that a proper car wash and waxing should only be done when you want to make your vehicle look nice and shiny. However, realty is that waxing is something that should be done on a regular basis. Milwaukee Auto Detail recommends a proper deep clean and wax at-least twice per year. Taking care of your vehicles exterior is just as, if not more important than taking care of what’s under the hood. Not taking care of your vehicles paint wont cause any mechanical problems per say, but it could negatively affect your vehicles resale value if you happen to ever enter a position where you need to sell.  

Living in Wisconsin, our vehicles face all sorts of harsh driving conditions. Rain, hail, snow, sun, wind. Not to mention salt in the winter, tree sap in the summer, ultraviolet rays from the sun in the summer, bird droppings, rocks and other road debris. This all has a negative impact on your cars paint job and exterior appearance. A professional car wash and hand wax in Milwaukee will protect the shell of your investment and keep it looking new for years to come. One of our most popular downtown Milwaukee car detailing services! 

Timescale: Up to 1 day

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You may think that neglecting to take care of your cars exterior doesn’t really matter all that much, but it could cost you hundreds if not thousands of dollars if you ever wish to sell or trade in your vehicle for something new. Vehicles are expensive. Let us help you take care of your investment – we are the best car detailers in Milwaukee. 

Milwaukee Car Wash & Wax Process:

  1. Full Service Hand Car Wash (Two-Bucket Method)
  2. Door Jambs, Hood, Truck – Clean & Detail
  3. Wheel Wells Deep Cleaned Using Power Washer
  4. Chrome/Trim Cleaned & Detailed
  5. Windows Cleaned & Tires Dressed
  6. Interior Vinyl/Leather Detail
  7. Vaccum Interior Carpeted Areas
  8. Dashboard & Other Interior Areas Detailed
  9. Machine Buff & Wax Exterior Paint
  10. Items In Car Kept Safe In Plastic Bags





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