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Ceramic Coating in Milwaukee, WI

Interested in Ceramic Coating for cars near downtown Milwaukee? 
Ceramic paint coating has been used in many different industries, however one industry where it’s becoming more popular recently is in the automotive industry. Although it’s been around for quite some time, most people still don’t understand what ceramic coating is and what the benefits are. Allow this page to be your expert guide in all things related to ceramic coating in Milwaukee. 
For those unfamiliar, ceramic coating creates a hydro repellent layer on the surface of your vehicle. This layer covers over your vehicles paint and protects it against stains, blemishes, discoloration, and any bruising or harm. Basically put, it’s a layer of chemicals applied by hand to the exterior of the vehicle. This application then turns into a thick, transparent layer, which keeps the paint sealed and protected for long periods of time. How long, exactly? Well, that depends on what level of treatment you decide to get. The lifespan of our coating treatments range from 1-5+ years of protection. 

Milwaukee Auto Detail offers 4 different levels of ceramic car coating options to meet your specific needs. These different levels are based on how thick of a layer is applied to your paint, as well as how long the coating layer will last. In addition to installing ceramic coating on car paint, we can also install on:

  • Windows / Windshields
  • Wheels
  • Headlights
  • Leather / Fabric
  • Boats, Motorcycles, RVs… & More!

Ceramic Coating Near Me

Our team members at Milwaukee Auto Detail are experts in all things relating to ceramic coating in Milwaukee County. Please see our 3 step installation process outlined below. Have a question? Just want to talk coating? Feel free to give us a call anytime at 444.456-4333. We would be more than happy to assist you in any way possible. Plus, after you get a better understanding of our levels of protection, we will then be able to give you a ballpark estimate for installation. Zero obligations! Just information. 

Our Milwaukee Ceramic Coating Process:

Step 1 – The Prep Work

  • Complete Vehicle Wash – Two Bucket Method
  • Clay Bar Treatment
  • Paint Correction / Polishing
  • Wipe Down

Step 2 – Ceramic Coating Installation

Step 3 – Curing Process

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Benefits Of Ceramic Coating Installation In Milwaukee

Understanding the true benefits and what makes ceramic coating so great is crucial to know when deciding whether or not it’s a good choice for your vehicle. 

1.) Protect Against Sun Damage & Ultraviolet (UV) Light

Ceramic coating creates a layer over the top of your vehicles paint that protects it from lots of things, but one of the most important is from the harsh rays of the sun. Work a job where your vehicle stays parked outside all day? Don’t have access to a garage? If your vehicle sits in the sun for long periods of time, it may be worth looking into ceramic coating. The condition of the exterior of your vehicle is a huge factor when determining resale value. Ceramic coating is a more premium service, but it will definitely keep your exterior in mint condition.

2.) Protect Against Harsh Everyday WI Driving Conditions

Living in Wisconsin, our vehicles take a beating not only by the harsh everyday driving conditions, but in the winter with all the salt and snow as well. Sun, rain, hail, snow. All 4 seasons up here in good ol’ Wisconsin… We get it all. As if the sun wasn’t bad enough for our vehicles paint, we also have to deal with salt on the roads in the winter. Ceramic coating installation in Milwaukee will protect your vehicle from all driving conditions, and will always keep your paint looking new, no matter the circumstance. 

3.) Makes Your Vehicle Easier To Clean & Stays Cleaner Longer

The layer over your vehicles paint created by ceramic coating makes it much easier to keep the exterior clean. Take a dry towel to the paint and it will glide through and feel smooth. Raining? No problem. Rain literally beads away when ceramic coating is installed. Plus, don’t worry about getting details once per week. Ceramic coating makes your car look cleaner, for longer! 

4.) Gives Your Vehicle A Deep, Glossy Like Appearance

The most popular feature of ceramic coating would probably be the protection it offers your vehicle’s paint. Another reason it is so popular with car enthusiasts, however, is because of the way it makes your vehicle’s paint look. With ceramic coating installed, your car’s paint will always have a deep, glossy looking shine. Also, if your car ever gets dirty, you can simply wipe it down with a microfiber towel and the shine will re-appear. No additional wax or other polish needed!

5.) Lasts A Long Time (Depending On Level Of Treatment)

Ceramic coating for cars has a long list of benefits, however for the sake of this page we decided to narrow it down to our top 5. Getting your vehicle coating isn’t the cheapest, however depending on the level of treatment you opt for, it will last you a fairly long time. Milwaukee Auto Detail’s coating packages range from 1 to 5+ years in coverage. This is all dependent on the layer of thickness of a coat you get installed. The thicker the coat, the better the paint shines, and the longer it lasts.

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